HoyUS is a tiered educational module on interpersonal violence designed for all incoming undergraduate students and student leaders. This module includes a mandatory summer online education program for first-year students, programming during New Student Orientation, a fall semester in-person comprehensive bystander intervention training program, and spring semester Are You Ready. This model also includes a comprehensive, advanced bystander intervention program for student leaders. 

Everfi Online Trainings (Alcohol EDU and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates)

These online trainings are required for all incoming undergraduate students prior to their arrival on campus, and they seek to provide information about the importance of values, alcohol and other substances, aspects of healthy/unhealthy relationships, gender socialization, sexual assault, consent, bystander intervention, and student activism.

Bystander Intervention Training Workshops

All incoming and first year students receive a comprehensive training on bystander intervention. Trainings are held in person during the fall semester, and content is created and reviewed by professionals in Health Education Services, as well as students. Content centers on understanding the role of the bystander, developing empathy for those who may have experienced interpersonal violence, developing skills to safely intervene, and consent. All trainings are coordinated by professionals in HES in partnership with other campus offices.

HoyUS Student Leader Bystander Training

This training is required for all student organizations to maintain access to benefits. A minimum of three members from each organization must complete this training. It is available to all students and all student groups. The training focuses on knowledge of resources and referrals, identifying harmful behaviors, power, privilege, and perspective, intervening with peers who facilitate harmful behaviors, and handling disclosures.

Are You Ready

This annual program occurs in February during Social Justice Week. It addresses empathy by focusing on survivors’ stories, the intersection of social justice, interpersonal violence, and public health, and relationship violence and/or stalking.

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