STINT Health Insurance Services

Student Health Insurance 2017 - 2018 Plan Year

STINT HEALTH Insurance Services

GeoBlue Services

GeoBlue is the insurance carrier that is responsible for the plan design, reviewing claims, and issuing checks.  Carefully read the STINT Benefits Summary for benefit details that includes information about:

  • The claims administrators, GeoBlue, including access to ID Cards;
  • The insurance company that holds the risk, 4 Ever Live International Limited;
  • The Preferred Provider Organization, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, that offers access to medical discounts through a network of contracted providers; and

If you have any questions about the status of a claim, contact GeoBlue. If you believe after you filed a claim appeal with GeoBlue that the company did not pay for the benefits according to the plan design, contact the GU Student Health Insurance Office, in writing, to have your appeal reviewed for appropriateness