Premier Plan (Platinum)

Student Health Insurance 2017 - 2018 Plan Year

To improve the health and wellness of the community, most full-time students are eligible and mandated to enroll in the most comprehensive student injury and sickness plan offered by Georgetown University unless they demonstrate they have other adequate health insurance coverage.  This requirement assures some relief of the burden of expensive health care and instills within the students the lifetime responsibility of obtaining quality health insurance.  Eligible students are mandatorily charged once during the academic year for the Premier Plan.


Students with other coverage that meets the University's requirements may elect to decline the Premier Plan coverage and receive a credit on their student account by submitting an online waiver form.  To submit a late Fall 2017 waiver navigate to MyAccess then click:

  • Personal Information
  • Answer a Survey, and 
  • 2017 Fall Waiver Survey

A new survey application is being introduced for the Spring of 2018.  If you are one of the few students who are eligible to enroll in the Premier Plan for the first time this Academic Year (based on an increase in your credit hour registration or are a new incoming student this Spring) and a Spring charge for the Premier Plan has been applied to your student account, please elect to accept or waive the Spring 2018 Premier Plan as instructed below.

Elect to Accept or Waive the PREMIER PLAN

The Spring 2018 Surveys Will Be Activated On December 4; APPROVED WAIVERS WILL BE PROCESSED once every 5 business days.

We highly recommend that you understand the enrollment policies, procedures and plan details including exclusions and limitations.

Eligible students are charged once per Academic Year for the Premier Plan.  If you are one of the few students charged $1680 on your Spring 2018 student account and will remain eligible for the Premier Plan, please.......

Make an Election

Note: Enrollment is subject to maintaining the Plan's eligibility requirements.