Late Enrollments

Student Health Insurance 2016 - 2017 Plan Year

After the applicable Open Enrollment Period, only eligible students who then enter the University or who then involuntarily become ineligible by their private insurance carrier are permitted to purchase the Premier Plan.  Eligible students and dependents that have become involuntarily ineligible by their private insurance carrier (due to age or job status) may enroll in the Premier Plan within 31 days of having been notified of their ineligibility.  To obtain the proper forms, pro-rated premium, and instructions for mid-year enrollments, e-mail the SHI office.  Include your nine digit GUID number that begins with an "8" in the subject line so you can be properly identified. 

Part-time students who are enrolled for less than 9 credit hours are not eligible to purchase the Premier Plan except Law and Graduate students who are enrolled for at least 8 credit hours and resident thesis research students.

In addition, students who wish to enroll eligible dependents after the applicable Open Enrollment Period must do so within 31 calendar days of acquiring a new dependent through one of the following qualifying events:

  • Birth,
  • Adoption,
  • Legal guardianship,
  • Marriage,
  • Primary care, which means that the Insured provides food, clothing, and shelter, on a regular and continuous basis, for the minor grandchild, niece or nephew during the time that the District of Columbia public schools are in regular session; or
  • After a dependent is involuntarily terminated under another health plan due to age or employment.