Student Health Insurance

For all students, good health is essential to achieving educational goals. Because maintaining good health requires access to health care when you need it, Georgetown University requires most students, according to registration criteria, to have health insurance.  This requirement assures some relief of the burden of expensive health care and instills within the students the lifetime responsibility of obtaining quality health insurance.

Platinum Premier Plan

Once per Academic Year, most full-time students in a degree program are charged for and required to purchase the Premier Plan unless they waive it with other adequate health insurance that meets the University's requirements.

SIGN UP or waive tHE FALL 2018-2019 Annual PREMIER PLAN  

We highly recommend that you understand the enrollment policies, procedures and plan details including exclusions and limitations. 



RememberEnrollment is subject to maintaining the Plan's eligibility requirements and credits for approved waivers will post to your student account after July 1.

Study Abroad Plan

Most students studying abroad under a Georgetown University sponsored program are required to enroll in the Study Abroad Plan.

short term international (Stint) student health plan for incoming international students

Most Center for Language Education and Development students are required to have health insurance coverage. A charge for the STINT Plan (formerly EFL Plan) is posted to eligible students’ accounts.