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Response to recent national news

Given the recently issued Executive Orders, there is confusion and uncertainty both nationwide and on our campus that is causing disruption and worry among students, as well as their colleagues, friends and family. As President DeGioia stated in his recent letter to the Georgetown community, the implications of these orders are significant and concerning.

Like other universities counseling centers, we at CAPS know that our experiences have been deeply enriched and strengthened by the cultural and intellectual diversity that our students bring into our communities. We appreciate them, and their safety and security is of utmost importance. Additionally, we also recognize that events of recent days may cause significant psychological distress that adversely affects the academic performance of students, both those directly and those indirectly affected. CAPS supports cultural diversity and provides a safe space for dealing with the fear and the impact of these policy changes.

We encourage any students desiring support to contact CAPS by walking in or calling 202-687-6985 to speak with one of our clinicians.

These sentiments were inspired by a statement from Florida Atlantic University. 

Response to recent violence in current events

Unfortunately, recent days and months have seen a wave of violence, both nationally and internationally.  CAPS will remain a safe space for discussions of the impact of these tragedies.  We join the Georgetown community as we raise our voices against divisiveness and in support of community.  We feel grief for those who died or are injured, traumatized, and for all of those who experience heightened anxiety related to safety as a result of these tragic incidents.

We want to emphasize that you are not alone and there are a variety of services available on campus to support you through challenging times.  To speak with a CAPS clinician during business hours, please walk in or call 202-687-6985.  After hours, you can reach a clinician by calling 202-444-7243 and asking for the CAPS clinician on-call.

In addition, this link discusses the imapct of racial trauma on communities of color and this link provides guidance for managing distress in the aftermath of a shooting.   Also, this link is an excellent resource for LGBTQ individuals and their allies that provides ideas of ways to respond to the Orlando tragedy, difficult emotions one might have, and other thoughts that may be helpful.

These sentiments were inspired by statements from Texas Women’s University Counseling Center, Duke University CAPS, UPenn CAPS, and University of Kentucky Counseling Center. 



We serve the mental health care needs of students and the campus community from our location on the main campus. Most students know us as CAPS, or Counseling and Psychiatric Services.

Many students come to CAPS when they experience life events or academic pressures that leave them feeling anxious, confused, lonely, angry, depressed or overwhelmed. When those feelings persist for more than just a few days, it is often helpful to speak with an unbiased, objective professional. Some students come only for consultation about how to help a friend or family member. Any personal issue that is troubling a student may be discussed in counseling.

Phone Numbers

During business hours:  202-687-6985

After-hours emergencies:  202-444-PAGE (7243) (Ask to speak to on-call clinician)

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