Benefit Changes

Student Health Insurance 2017 - 2018 Plan Year

Highlights of 2017-2018 Benefit Changes

The 2017-2018 Premier Plan Benefits remain largely the same as the 2016-2017 benefits.  In order to limit the cost of the Plan premium and to maintain a “Platinum” (top level) Affordable Care Act (ACA) rating, changes to the prescription medication benefits were required.  These changes include:

  • A deductible of $150 per plan year for prescription medications.  This means that after August 15th, the first day of the new Plan Year, students must pay the first $150 of prescriptions before the Plan pays any prescription benefits.
  • A $15 student co-payment is required for all Tier 1 prescriptions. See list of Tiers here:
  • A 20% student co-insurance payment is required for all Tier 2 and 3 medications.
  • A Pre-authorization (PA) is required for some high dollar medications, primarily specialty medications.  This function is performed by the doctor or office that prescribes these particular medication(s).

Because Premier Plan rates are based on previous aggregate insurance plan costs, please keep costs down by asking for Tier 1 medications when seeing a doctor.

Also, the supplemental Catastrophic Club Sports injury cash benefit was removed from the plan.