Study Abroad Plan Benefits and Services

Student Health Insurance 2018 - 2019 Plan Year

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)

CISI is the insurance agency that Georgetown University (GU) selected to customize the Study Abroad Plan (ACE American Insurance Company [ACE] Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, Policy # GLM N06566066). CISI creates customized study abroad health plans for other universities as well. CISI coordinates components of the Study Abroad Plan for GU students with:

  • GU Student Health Insurance;
  • The insurance company that holds the risk, ACE; and
  • Team Assist and the Assistance Provider, Medassist. Phone numbers for contacting Team Assist are on your CISI ID card.

CISI is, also, the "third party claims administrator", the company responsible for reviewing claims and "cutting checks" according to the plan design.  If you have any questions about the status of a claim, contact CISI.    If you believe, after you filed a claim appeal with CISI, that CISI did not pay for the benefits according to the plan design, contact the GU Student Health Insurance Office, in writing, to have your appeal reviewed for appropriateness. Generally, you are responsible for paying for medical care "up-front" and seeking reimbursement after payment.  Make copies of your bills and receipts, then submit the originals with a claim form to CISI.

CISI's Team Assist

Team Assist is available to assist students when they are traveling abroad and need help accessing health care services. Services include translation, provider referral, emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical reunion services, medical monitoring, guarantee of payments, and prescription drug replacement.  

All services must be arranged through the Assistance Provider. Team Assist provides services and expenses are paid up to the amount shown on the Schedule of Benefits.  If you require Team Assist assistance, your ID number is your policy number.  In the U.S., call (855) 327-1411, worldwide call (01-312) 935-1703 (collect calls accepted) or e-mail