Response to Atlanta Shootings

Posted in CAPS Announcements

We at CAPS write this statement in response to the mass murders that occurred in the Atlanta area on Tuesday evening. We want to acknowledge the historical and current social and political influences that continue to contribute to these atrocities against Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Furthermore, we want to specifically acknowledge the misogyny and fetishizing that leave Asian women vulnerable. The response from local law enforcement and larger media outlets is unacceptable, and is an example of how decentering and disinformation continues to foster stereotypes, false narratives, and ultimately violence towards people of Asian descent. We must face and acknowledge these atrocities that have occurred throughout the existence of our country, and that have become heightened over the past year. We must continue to dismantle the systemic issues that allow this violence to perpetuate. We do not expect our AAPI students and staff to address this alone; we expect all members of the Georgetown community to play a role in interrupting discrimination, and creating a safe and welcoming climate. As a department of mental health professionals, we are lending our services to those that are affected by such violence and oppression. We will fight against the forces that attempt to dehumanize and erase AAPI lives.

If you are a student, please call us at (202) 687-6985 if you would like to speak with someone at CAPS. Employees can reach out to the Faculty Staff Assistant Program. If you would like to report a bias incident, you can do so here: