HOYA Wellness Wheel: Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is the process of learning how to successfully manage and budget your expenses. A healthy financial practice involves taking steps to live within your financial means and managing your resources by thinking short and long-term. This can be done through creating a budget, learning to be a good consumer, and keeping track of expenses. Taking control of your financial wellness promotes knowledge, independence, responsibility, and awareness for planned and unplanned costs. By creating an understanding of your current and future financial situation, you will be better prepared to handle loans, taxes, debts, and retirement.

Financial Wellness Themes

  • Balancing a budget
  • Financial literacy
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement
  • Health insurance
  • Scholarship
  • Financial Aid
  • Military benefits

Financial Campus Resources

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance – Student Health Insurance arranges for most students to have adequate coverage so they can afford to obtain the care necessary to maintain proper health, thus minimizing disruptions to their educational endeavors.

Cawley Career Education Center

Cawley Career Education Center – The career center provides resources for the salary negotiation process that will help students reflect on what they want to negotiate (e.g., salary, start date, locations, etc.). They also help students learn how to research and ask for what they want from a prospective employer.  You can also sign-up for a general same-day appointment on the Career Center’s homepage if you have a specific question about the negotiation process.

Veteran’s Office

Veteran’s Office – The Veteran’s Office collaborates with numerous Georgetown University partner offices to support military students while integrating into the campus community. Financial resources include:

Financial advising
Financial sustainability
Military benefits

Office of Billing and Payment Services

Office of Billing and Payment Services – The Office of Billing and Payment Services oversees billing, payment processing, refunds, and IRS Form 1098-T generation for students of Georgetown University.  They also provide cashiering functions and check distribution for the University as a whole.

Office of Student Financial Services

Office of Student Financial Services – The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) provides counseling services to prospective and current students and their families about:

Options available for financing higher education costs
Eligibility for assistance
Applying for and obtaining funding
Budgeting expenses and paying bills

Hoya Federal Credit Union

Hoya Federal Credit Union – Hoya Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit, financial institution, serving the Georgetown University community.

Center for Student Engagement (CSE)

Center for Student Engagement (CSE) – The Center for Student Engagement houses a variety of co-curricular organizations & programs. Through these programs, students are trained to be fiscally responsible by allocating money, building a budget, and being good stewards of resources.