Our Services

The Student Health Center (SHC) is staffed by primary care physicians and nurse practitioners with particular training and experience in college health.  We are dedicated to providing high quality health care to the Students of Georgetown University. The services offered at the health center include:

Office Visits

You can make an appointment for common health issues such as:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Other concerns for which you would see your family doctor or general practitioner.

Urgent Problems

Students with an urgent problem who are unable to get an appointment in a timely fashion will be offered an assessment by a nurse or clinician during office hours at the Main Student Health Center (not at the Law Center). Depending on the urgency of the problem, students may be given a same day appointment or provided with home care instructions and offered a next day appointment.  For urgent health concerns after business hours, please call the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital page operator at 202-444-7243 and ask for the Student Health Center physician on call. For life threatening emergencies always call GERMS (on main campus) at 202-687-4357.

Preventive Health Care

Complete physical examinations for study abroad, scholarships, sports, or employment are available, as well as gynecological examinations and immunizations (e.g. required, routine, and travel purposes). Routine blood work, preventative health counseling  and asymptomatic sexual transmitted illness screening can be completed during a complete physical exam. A few simple concerns may also be addressed during this appointment. However, please make a separate appointment for any specific, complex complaints or multiple complaints. For most insurance plans, appointments for preventive examinations will only be allowed once every 12 months.

A well woman exam consists of a general evaluation of menses, a breast exam, and a gynecological exam including a PAP smear (if indicated). Providers can address general menstrual questions or renew hormonal therapies already provided by the SHC. Please make a separate appointment if you would like to discuss specific gynecologic complaints, such as abnormal menses or start/renew hormonal therapies never provided by the SHC.


Comprehensive laboratory studies are done in clinic, such as blood counts, electrolyte levels, pregnancy testing, HIV testing, STD screening, urinalysis, and urine drug screening (only as part of a medical or nursing student physical). These labs may be obtained through an appointment with a SHC provider or with a prescription from an outside provider. All labs obtained outside an appointment can only be drawn during Lab Draw Hours.

Student Health Center contracts with Quest Diagnostics Lab

If your insurance requires you to use LabCorp or another lab please notify the doctor or medical assistant and you will be given a Lab Order to take to the appropriate lab for the drawing of the specimen. Please refer to this list of LabCorp Locations.

Normal Lab and Imaging Results

Please see our policy regarding Lab & Imaging Results under the “After You First Visit” section.


Procedures offered in clinic include allergy injections, wart treatment, laceration repair, suture removal, dressing changes, ear irrigation, toenail removal, foreign body removal, and lesion removal.  All procedures require an appointment.

Specialist Referrals

If your condition requires referral to a specialist, the SHC clinician can make that assessment and provide the referral. Depending on your insurance, you may be able to see a specialist without a referral. Please refer to your insurance policy for requirements and costs.

Pre-Travel Consultation and Immunizations

  • We recommend that all travelers check health care provider  before embarking on any journey to make sure that you are up to date with all of your required vaccinations and inoculations. For the latest health recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, please visit http://www.cdc.gov/travel.
  • The Student Health Center provides pre-travel consultations with our nurses to review health recommendations and to obtain most required immunizations.
  • In order for our nurses to prepare for your visit,  you  will receive an email a few days prior to your travel consultation with a link to enter specific travel and health information. We ask that patients complete the questionairre PRIOR to their appointment.
  • Students should make the determination about whether their existing health insurance provides adequate coverage to pay for travel immunizations at the Student Health Center or in the Washington, DC area. 
  • Please be advised: appointments fill up quickly due to the high number of travelling students during specific times of the year. Booking in advance is highly recommended. 
  • Due to availability, and coverage limitations, students with the GU Student Health Insurance Premier Plan are given priority for pre-travel consultations during busy times of year.

Prescription Refills

Students with prescriptions from home can have refills provided by the Student Health Center only after full consultation with a SHC provider. Students who are interested in new prescriptions can also make a consultation appointment with a SHC provider for new medication initiation. Please see our policies below regarding policies on specific medications.

If you have had medications previously prescribed by an SHC provider within the past year, you should contact your pharmacy to have them send us send us an electronic refill request.

For detailed information and policies regarding specific medications click below:

If you are seeking a prescription refill for a medication to treat ADHD or ADD that has never been provided before by the SHC, please read the Process to Obtain Prescriptions for ADHD/ADD from either CAPS or SHC . You will need to provide documentation listed in the policy above prior to your appointment. Refills will not be provided until you are seen and all documentation is reviewed. We will require that you agree to and sign the GUH Student Health Center and GU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (SHC/CAPS) Psyco-Stimulant Policy and Patient Contract.
Once you have established care with the SHC and are able to get ADHD/ADD prescriptions with us, students should make refill appointments at least 1 week in advance (ideally one month in advance) and with the same provider. Students will be denied same-day ADHD/ADD prescription refill appointments.  

As a Catholic and Jesuit Institution, the Student Health Center can prescribe hormonal contraceptive prescription  if medically indicated but not directly for contraception. Some examples of medical indications are: acne, irregular periods, heavy periods, cramps, and polycystic ovary syndrome. We can prescribe most medications, if indicated.

The SHC can prescribe PrEP when medically indicated. This will require an initial evaluation and office visits every 1-3 months with regular and blood and other laboratory testing tests according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) protocol. In order to provide the best care possible, we recommend patients schedule all refill appointments with the same provider.