Student Health Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Health Insurance

How do I find answers to questions about the Student Health Insurance plan that the University offers to students?
Georgetown University Student Health Insurance administration is separate and apart from the Student Health Center. Please refer to the Student Health Insurance website for answers to most of your questions and contact information.

If I have insurance through the university, am I covered for all visits and procedures?
Please refer to the UnitedHealthcare’s Student Health Insurance Premier Plan documents for details on coverage for all visits and procedures.

If I have private health insurance (any insurance plan not through the university), how do I know what I am covered or and what my costs will be?
Please refer back to your current health insurance carrier for benefits and services.

My private insurance has lapsed or my coverage will end soon. Can I speak to someone at Georgetown about getting insurance through the university? How do I apply for insurance through the university?
Please refer to Eligibility and Mandatory Coverage for more information on how to apply for insurance.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Does the Student Health Center provide STI screening and treatment?
Yes. We can provide a full array of testing and treatment for STIs.

How much will it cost?
This depends on your insurance. The Student Health Center charges insurance for every visit like a regular doctor’s office. If you have the United Healthcare Student Plan you will only be charged a $10 co-pay. If you have another insurance plan you should call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to find out how much the visit will cost and how much testing for common sexually transmitted infections will cost (most commonly chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis)

Will my parents find out that I was tested?
It depends. If you have the student health insurance plan offered by Georgetown it is YOUR insurance, not your parents. Bills and statements should come directly to you, unless you have your home address as the default. If you are insured under your parents plan, then they will receive a statement of services, an “explanation of benefits” letter, that may well detail the tests done. It is difficult for us to predict how much information will be shared with each insurance policy. If you want complete confidentiality, you can pay for the visit and testing out of pocket and insurance will not be used.

If I don’t want to use insurance, how much would STI testing cost completely out of pocket?
If you are a return patient the office visit could cost up to $153 (all charges are as of 11/2016). If you are a new patient, the office visit could cost up to $227. There is an additional charge for labs: HIV – $20, Syphilis – $10, Gonorrhea – $35, Chlamydia – $35, Hep C AB – $40, Hep B S AB Quantitative $15, and there is also a $21 fee to draw your blood. While we are happy to do “self-pay” testing here at the Student Health Center, the DC Department of Health has several different options for free testing (see below)

What if I can’t afford the cost of STI screening?
Free STI testing is provided by the the DC Department of Health with several different options (walk-in at a Labcorp location, by mail at home or in person at the DC Health and Wellness Center).


Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any other questions or concerns – your medical information is confidential.


Will the Student Health Center prescribe contraceptives?
We can prescribe hormonal contraceptives if medically indicated but not solely for contraception. Some examples of medical indications are: acne, irregular periods, heavy periods, cramps, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

What forms of the above medications can you prescribe?
Most all, if medically indicated.

Can I get the morning after pill at the hospital or Student Health Center?
No. This medication is available without a prescription at most major pharmacies.

Can I get PrEP at the Student Health Center?
We can prescribe PrEP when medically indicated. This will require office visits every 3 months and blood work according to CDC protocol.

Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any other questions or concerns – your medical information is confidential.

LGBTQ Services

ADHD/ADD Medications

ADHD/ADD Medication

If you are seeking a prescription refill for a medication to treat ADHD or ADD that has never been provided before by the SHC, please read the Process to Obtain Prescriptions for ADHD/ADD from either CAPS or SHC. You will need to provide the documentation listed in the policy above prior to your appointment. Refills will not be provided until you are seen and all documentation is reviewed. We will require that you agree to and sign the GUH Student Health Center and GU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (SHC/CAPS) Psyco-Stimulant Policy and Patient Contract.

Once you have established care with the SHC and are able to get ADHD/ADD prescriptions with us, students should make refill appointments at least one week in advance (ideally one month in advance) and with the same provider. Students will be denied same-day ADHD/ADD prescription refill appointments.


Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA)

Georgetown University is interested in supporting the success of its students and the safety and welfare of the community. Students should consider requesting a medical leave of absence (MLOA) for situations that significantly limit their ability to function successfully or safely in their role as students. The physical health situations below are examples of some reasons why a student might request a leave of absence:

  • severe and prolonged illness
  • surgery
  • pregnancy

Students should visit the Student Health Center (SHC) and/or their Dean to receive more advice about a medical leave of absence for a physical health condition. For specifics regarding a MLOA for physical health conditions, follow the procedures outlined below.

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Medical Records

Requests for medical records from the Student Health Center should be submitted using a Medical Records Request Form. Once completed please send the form through your MyMedStar Patient Portal account or fax the form to (877) 346-1469. If you have any questions about requesting your medical records or how to complete and return the request form, please call us at (202) 687-2200.

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