HOYA Wellness Wheel : Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness involves engaging in the pursuit of knowledge and the skills needed to make informed, healthy decisions about your sexual self. It requires getting regular check-ups, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if appropriate, and avoiding risky sexual behaviors. Sexual wellness involves the process of accepting your sexual identity, engaging in sexual relationships that are consistent with your values and development, and refraining from using sex to manipulate or influence others. You promote a culture of consent and are able to clearly communicate and express your sexual limits and honor others limits with openness and acceptance, to include abstinence.

Sexual Wellness Themes

•Sexual health education
•Risk-reduction around Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and pregnancy
•Pregnancy resources
•Sexual orientation
•Gender Identity/Transgender/Gender non-binary information
•Promoting a culture of consent
•Clear communication and honor of sexual limits
•Sexual assault resources

Sexual Campus Resources

Student Health Center (SHC)

Student Health Center (SHC) – At the Student Health Center, they believe you should develop personal responsibility for your health during your years at Georgetown. They provide preventive care including comprehensive physicals for both men and women, evaluation and management of  gynecologic and genito-urinary concerns, and STI screenings and prevention. The Health Center also handles urgent needs such as infections and more complex problems with same day appointments.

Women’s Center

Women’s Center – The Women’s Center provides information and resources about women’s health and wellness, sexual assault and gender based violence, and offers pregnancy tests. The Women’s Center also organizes educational opportunities that provide space for students to discuss wellness and resources.

LGBTQ Center

LGBTQ Center – The LGTBQ Center seeks to appreciate the inherent mysteries and paradox of our common human condition, and find ways to support all community members to achieve a full range of expression of their own humanity. The Center is a welcoming and open space for all students, and the friendly staff are always around to answer questions and talk.

Health Education Service (HES)

Health Education Service (HES) – HES provides regular educational outreach and consultation to students and others within the University. They often serve as the first point of contact for students who have problems but are not sure what to do or whom to see. Students do not need a referral to seek services from a health professional in their office, and they do not charge for services. HES provides assessment, treatment, and/or referrals for students experiencing problems with sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, pregnancy, and health.