About Us


Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) serves as the university’s primary mental health agency for its students and campus community.  Our central mission is to collaborate directly with students to help them find ways in which to overcome difficulties that may interfere with the definition and accomplishment of their educational, personal, and career goals. Accordingly, CAPS strives to provide students with opportunities to develop greater self-understanding, identify and solve problems, and improve academic performance through the alleviation of psychological, emotional, and cognitive impediments.  Our mission often extends beyond the consultation room and into the campus community.  Through outreach, partnerships, and consultation initiatives to faculty, staff, parents, and other campus offices, CAPS seeks to promote psychological health as a value to the Georgetown community. 

Commitment to Diversity

CAPS is committed to recognizing, supporting, and affirming the diversity of the Georgetown University community. We strive to provide an environment that embraces difference and cultivates a campus climate of respect and inclusion. We acknowledge the importance of valuing differences among and between one another. Therefore, we feel it is important as mental health professionals to educate, lend support to, and encourage discussions of difference. We welcome all students, including those that may not typically utilize traditional mental health services. We seek to communicate and embrace diversity throughout all aspects of CAPS services, including clinical work, training, and outreach.

We understand diversity to include a wide range of identities including, but not limited to the following: race and racial identity, ethnicity and ethnic identity, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, social class and socioeconomic status, nationality, citizenship status, education level, age, body shape and size, religious and spiritual beliefs, veteran status, and differences in mental and physical ability. We believe that understanding and affirming diversity is a lifelong goal that upholds the Jesuit values of Georgetown University, including Cura Personalis, Educating the Whole Person, Interreligious Understanding, and Community in Diversity. As mental health professionals, we honor and respect individuals whom we serve, and we seek to provide culturally relevant and sensitive services that help to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse campus community.