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Staying active on a regular basis can present unique challenges for busy college students. When faced with a hectic schedule, students may overlook or forgo exercise, even though it is a crucial component to optimal wellness. Did you know that attention span and productivity have been shown to improve with just ten minutes of physical activity? Exercise doesn’t have to mean running ten miles on a treadmill; rather, it’s about finding activities you enjoy and making them a regular part of your lifestyle.

Health Education Services is available to answer any questions regarding exercise and to provide additional information on Georgetown’s many campus resources.

Benefits of Exercise

Numerous studies have shown that frequent exercise will not only increase your physical health, but also boost happiness levels, increase your mental capabilities, decrease stress, and improve sleep.

In the 2012 National Health Assessment Survey, only 56.2% of Georgetown students reported meeting the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association’s recommended guidelines for physical activity.

Try some of these ideas from Harvard School of Public Health and make exercise a frequent part of your routine:

  • Exercise with a friend. Having a workout partner can help keep you on track and motivate you to get out the door.
  • Think outside the box. Running on the treadmill isn’t the only thing that counts as exercise. Do something you enjoy — such as yoga, cycling, basketball, or dancing.
  • Join a class. Purchase one of Yates’ group fitness passes, and participate in one of the many classes they have to offer. Try a spin class, Zumba, Pilates, or yoga.
  • Take the stairs. Whenever possible, choose the stairs instead of the elevator. This is an easy, quick way to add some extra exercise to your day.
  • Take advantage of DC. Living in the nation’s capitol is not something everyone gets to experience. Go out and experience the city – -walk around Georgetown, bike to the monuments, or run along the waterfront.
  • Join a club sports or intramural team. Georgetown has tons of opportunities to be a part of a team. Click here to check out the current intramural sports you can join!

Campus Resources

Meghan Dimsa
Director of Fitness & Wellness, Yates Field House
(202) 687-2395

Blair Heinke, M.D.
Sports Medicine Physician, Student Health Center
Ground Floor Darnall Hall
(202) 687-2200

Dr. Heinke is board certified in sports medicine and spends 3 days/week at the Student Health Center evaluating students for sports medicine issues. This is available for anyone (not just highly competitive athletes)!