About Health Education Services

Our Mission

Health Education Services (HES) is the primary campus provider of health education, and seeks to promote the health and well being of all students through care for the WHOLE Hoya: body, mind, and soul. HES has a mission of empowering students to take responsibility for decisions regarding their health. HES actively tries to increase community identification of students at risk.

HES offers consultation, networking, and advocacy for primary prevention, risk reduction, and disease prevention. We also provide assessment, treatment, and/or referrals for students experiencing problems with substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, pregnancy, and health. We get referrals from other campus health professionals and members of the University community. We also refer students to other campus health professionals and members of the community at large.

HES provides regular educational outreach and consultation to students and others within the University. We often serve as the first point of contact for students who have problems but are not sure what to do or whom to see. Students do not need a referral to seek services from a health professional in our office, and we do not charge for services.

Meet the Staff

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