Sexual Health

Health Education Services

College is a place in which the rich human, personal, and spiritual values of sexuality are often explored and given meaning, and questions are bound to arise. Resources and support regarding sexual health topics are available through our office to help empower you to make informed decisions that are consistent with your personal beliefs.

Health Education Services offers many free services to all students. In addition to offering free, anonymous home pregnancy testing kits to students, HES offers free counseling, support, and honest answers to any questions, concerns, and general inquiries regarding sexual health and available resources. No conversation is off limits, and health professionals work directly with students to meet their individual health care needs, including referral to off campus health providers if appropriate. To make an appointment, contact:

Carol Day
Director, Health Education Services
1437 37th St NW, Poulton Hall Suite 101
(202) 687-8942

Georgetown also has a comprehensive support program for pregnant and parenting students, including housing for undergraduate student mothers and their children.

The Student Health Center offers screening, evaluation, and treatment for STI’s as well as wellness visits regarding sexual and reproductive health, such as annual exams and gynecological care.