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Health Education Services


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Health Education Services provides direct services to students. HES is staffed by licensed health professionals who provide confidential services to students free of charge. Read more about this under the following topics:

  • Crisis Counseling - Payment Mini
    Health Education Services are free to students. No health insurance is ever billed. No payment is required.
  • Services - SA Stalk Mini
    Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence & Stalking Services
    If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault or relationship violence, confidential, professional services are available through Georgetown University's Health Education Services.
  • Services - Alcohol Mini Pic
    Alcohol & Drugs
    A student can seek free, confidential help from Health Education Services if they are worried about their use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Health Promotion - Services - Pregnancy Mini
    If you think you may be pregnant or know someone who may be pregnant, learn how to obtain a free pregnancy test and confidential support.
  • Services - Sexual Health M
    Sexual Health
    If you have questions or concerns about your sexual health, honest answers, support, and resources are available.
  • Services - Nutrition Mini
    Did you know that skipping meals can majorly reduce your ability to concentrate? Or that a common sign of dehydration is fatigue? The Health Education staff has health professionals and nutritionists with extensive experience and knowledge on how to eat healthy in college, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and weight management. We offer both individual appointments as well as consultations and programs for residential halls and other groups and organizations.
  • Health Promotion - Exercise Mini
    Exercise not only improves physical health but mental health by boosting happiness, decreasing stress and improving sleep. Only 56.2% of college students meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity so find out how you can stay healthy and happy throughout the year.
  • Health Promotion - BI/ED Mini
    Body Image & Eating Disturbances
    When you look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself, what goes through your mind? If you instantly think of critical, negative comments, you are among the many college students who struggle with a negative body image. Students with a negative body image have a much greater likelihood of developing an eating disorder and all the negative physical, mental, and emotional consequences that can accompany it. Health Education Services has resources to help students who are struggling with body image issues and/or eating disorders.
  • HP Wellness Mini
    Personal Health & Wellness
    If you or a friend are suffering from body image issues or eating disturbances (such as anorexia or bulimia), confidential counseling and support is available through Health Education Services.