Sexual Health & Pregnancy

College creates an environment in which students find themselves able to explore human, personal, and spiritual values and meanings of sexuality, perhaps for the first time. Health Education Services can provide resources and support regarding sexual health topics to help inform and empower students to make decisions consistent with personal beliefs.

To make an appointment to discuss a sexual health, STI, or pregnancy concern, EMAIL Carol Day at or call or text 202-870-1666. Carol is a confidential health professional. All appointments are free of charge.

In addition to offering free, anonymous home-testing pregnancy kits to students, HES offers free counseling, support, and honest answers to questions, concerns, and general inquiries regarding sexual health and available resources. Professionals in HES work directly with students to meet individual healthcare needs, including referrals to off-campus providers and resources if appropriate.

For STI screening, evaluation, and treatment, contact the Student Health Center (202-687-2200). The Student Health Center also provides services related to more general sexual and reproductive health, such as annual exams and gynecological care. The National HIV and STI Testing Resources website provides information for off-campus testing locations.