Community Referral Database

Search our tailored directory of off-campus therapists specialized in student mental health. Our list is accessible to the Georgetown community through “The Shrink Space.”

CAPS has partnered with The Shrink Space to help you connect with off-campus mental health care providers who can meet your particular needs. Visit The Shrink Space  to search for providers within Georgetown’s local network, as well as a nationwide network of providers who work with college and graduate students. 

If you have Georgetown Student Health Insurance (GUSHI), please see below for tips to search for providers who are in-network or “work with GUSHI.”

  • Sign up for an account here:
  • Select “Student” – create username & password using your Georgetown email address
  • Agree to Terms of Use & select “Sign Up”
  • Follow link in confirmation email
  • Begin searching for providers in the community

  • Search for In-Network providers by selecting “United Healthcare Student Resources” and “United Healthcare.” Finding a provider in-network is usually preferred due to the lower cost. Unfortunately, you may find a limited number of providers who are in-network with insurances in Washington, DC. If you have difficulty finding an in-network provider and have the student health insurance, please consider searching for a provider who “works with GUSHI.”
  • You may search for out-of-network providers who “work with GUSHI.”
    • Most providers who are out-of-network will ask you to pay their full fee and expect you to wait for reimbursement from your insurance company. Providers who “work with GUSHI” are out-of-network, however, generally only charge you 30% of their fee at the time of your session. These providers will submit paperwork to your insurance and wait for reimbursement directly from the student health insurance. In general, this increases accessibility for therapy as you don’t have to pay for the entire cost of treatment upfront.
    • For example, if a therapist’s fee is $200 and they “work with GUSHI,” you would be responsible for $60 (or 30% of the cost) at the time of your appointment. The provider would submit the receipts for reimbursement directly to your insurance company and wait for reimbursement of the remaining $140 (or 70% of the cost).
    • You may find providers who “work with GUSHI” on The Shrink Space by typing ‘GUSHI” into the left search bar.
    • When you contact the provider, please make sure that you understand how much you will pay at each session and how the billing will work.