Planning Your Visit

How to schedule an appointment

Schedule appointments by phone (new or return patients):

Both main campus and law center students will call the same number above. Please specify whether you are scheduling an appointment at main campus or law center campus.

Schedule appointments online (return patients only):

MyMedstar Patient Portal

Scheduling tips

  • When scheduling your appointment please inform us of all your symptoms and needs when obtaining your appointment so that enough time may be allotted to address your concern(s). Your provider may not be able to address all of your issues if they are not shared at the time you schedule your appointment.
  • Please do not schedule an appointment within 2 hours of your next class or engagement.  Providers may be running behind or in-office testing may take some time.
  • Please note that we are usually less busy in the morning.  We therefore tend to have more availability for appointments in the morning and wait times are often considerably less than the afternoon.
  • We advise that you call early in the day if you think you will need a same day appointment.

Urgent Problems

During busy times of the year or at certain times of day we may not have many regular same-day appointments left for non-urgent problems. Students who have urgent concerns that are unable to obtain a timely same day appointment by phone, can walk-in to the Main Campus Student Health Center to be assessed by a nurse or clinician during regular office hours.

  • Nurse assessment wait times may vary depending on demand and the acuity of your concern.
  • Based on the assessment of our clinical staff, you may be added on as an urgent same-day appointment, offered a next day appointment, or given home care with instructions on when/if they need to return for evaluation.
  • You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing time in order to be seen.

Late or Unattended Appointments

The Student Health Center wants to maintain access to timely service for all Georgetown University students. Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another student is prevented from receiving care. With this policy we want to encourage students to be responsible and understand the impact they have on other students.

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy

A “No Show” is someone who misses an appointment without calling to cancel or reschedule their appointment. This also includes patients who are not present within ten minutes of their appointment time (more than 10 minutes late). Any appointments that are cancelled without a one-hour notice are considered “Late Cancellations”. Late cancellations will be treated as a “No Show”.

Patients who are marked with a “No Show” appointment will not be able to obtain a make-up appointment for at least 3 business days or longer. Rescheduled appointments for urgent matters may be discussed with a triage nurse or clinician for an exception.

When a patient has a third “No Show” appointment(s) within a 6 month period of time (sequential or non-sequential), they may be charged a $15 fee for each prior and subsequent “No Show” appointment(s).   This will therefore result in a $45 fee at the time of the third “No Show”.

At Your Visit

What to bring

Bring your student identification card (GOCard) and your insurance card every time you visit the Student Health Center. Please come at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to check-in and complete forms.

If you are taking medication either bring a list of your current medications and dosing instructions (or the medication bottles) with you to your appointment.

You should make sure all of your demographic information is up to date when checking in for each visit.

Late arrivals

If you arrive more than 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you will only be seen at the discretion of your clinical provider. Late patients will most often have to reschedule their appointments. Rescheduled appointments will not routinely be made for the same day as original appointment day. Rescheduled appointments for urgent matters may be discussed with the triage nurse for an exception.

Wait Times

It is difficult to anticipate the amount of time each patient will need with their provider. For this reason, there are times when you may need to wait to be seen after checking in.  Wait times may vary, but we will strive to make sure you are notified of any anticipated wait time.

Medical Excuse Notes

The Student Health Center  does not provide “Statement of Fact” confirmation, or medical excuses, to students in situations where there are no objective physical symptoms or findings (such as stomach complaints or headaches) or in when a student has self-managed symptoms which have resolved without treatment from the Student Health Center. In such cases it is simply not possible for us to verify or validate the illness. Doing so would place an undue burden on the clinic’s limited resources and forces students with conditions that truly require medical care to wait longer to be seen.  If you are ill and cannot attend class but do not have a condition that warrants medical evaluation, you should not schedule an appointment solely for the purpose of obtaining  a note. If you miss a class, assignment or exam due to an illness we highly recommend you speak with your Instructor and/or Dean prior to or at the time of any missed work. We are happy to evaluate you at the time of an illness or problem that you feel cannot be managed with self-care and warrants a medical evaluation.

In circumstances where the Student Health staff determines, through objective medical findings, that a student’s illness warrants a medical excuse be written, our staff will, of course, continue to do so. These may be situations such as a student with a fever over 1010 F; a student with active vomiting or diarrhea; or a student with a communicable disease such as influenza or strep throat.  Regardless of the reason for a visit, we will provide a verification of appointment (Day and Time) without specific medical information if requested by the patient.

After Your First Visit

MyMedstar Patient Portal

You can use the MyMedStar secure patient portal to communicate with the Student Health Center online from a computer or your mobile device.  This service is available online 24/7 and allows you to:

View and Manage appointments
See test results
Non-urgent communication with your care team
Renew prescriptions
Access your health records
And much more…

If you do not have a MyMedStar portal set up, the visit summary provided by your clinician at your appointment will have detailed instructions on how to sign up for the portal.You will also get an email at the time of your first visit with instructions on how to create a portal account or you can ask our front desk staff for a brochure with detailed instructions.

For more information on the function, security and use of the MyMedstar portal please visit You can also obtain support for your account 24/7 by calling 877-745-5656.

Messages sent through the email or personal email will be not be answered—as it is not a secure form of communication for discussing confidential health information.

Normal Laboratory and Imaging Results Policy

Student Health Center provides routine normal laboratory test results and normal imaging results only through the My Medstar Patient Portal (at

You  may not be called with results if they are normal and will not be able to routinely get normal test results by requesting them over the phone. Patients may come in to the student health center to request that a paper copy of their results to be placed at the Student Health Center front desk for them to pick up (with proof of  identification) if they do not wish to use the portal. 

When testing is ordered for which results are expected – it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure that the Student Health Center has up to date, correct and accessible contact information.  In order to protect patient privacy, we will not be able to leave detailed messages on voicemail that does not specifically identify the student’s identity (or a voicemail box that is full!).

Abnormal results  will be provided via phone, in-person, or portal, whichever is most appropriate, per provider discretion and based on a discussion with the patient at the time the tests are ordered. 

Our clinical providers may make other arrangements with their patients on a case by case basis (i.e., they may choose to arrange to notify a patient of a normal result when the result may change the plan of care).

After Hours

If you feel the need to speak to one of our doctors or nurse practitioners after hours for an urgent health problem, please call the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital paging operator at (202) 444-7243, indicate that you are a student, and that you would like to speak to the doctor on call for the Student Health Center. The paging operator will contact the on call clinician and that person will call you back at the name and phone number you provide (usually within 30 minutes).

Please do not use the after-hours provider line for non-urgent medical concerns. Examples of non-urgent medical concerns include the following: scheduling or cancelling an appointment, requesting medical records or forms, and requesting routine medication refills.

If you feel you must see a physician and the student health center is not open there are some local options to obtain care below.

  • The closest option, for an emergency, is the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Emergency Department, accessible by way of Entrance 2 to the MedStar Georgetown hospital complex off of Reservoir Road at the north end of the main Georgetown campus.
  • For a problem that you don’t feel is life-threatening but cannot wait until the SHC is open, a better option  may be a MedStar PromptCare Center.  As a part of the same MedStar Health network as the Student Health Center (and Georgetown University Hospital) MedStar Prompt Care Centers use the same electronic medical record and patient portal as the student health center. This may facilitate any follow up care that you may need through the Student Health Center during regular business hours. The PromptCare locations in Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill and Chevy Chase are a short ride from the Georgetown University campus.

Important note: It is your responsibility to determine the doctors and hospitals within your insurance network, their fee structure and the laboratory that they work with for testing, often Quest or LabCorp.