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Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the present moment, not the past or future. Use of mindfulness-based techniques is linked to reductions in anxiety, physical pain symptoms, and depression. Whether you've never meditated or have been practicing for years, this experiential group will use repeated practice to cultivate a greater capacity to focus mindfully on the present. These techniques can be an important component of stress management, allowing you to live your life with less turmoil and greater tranquility.

CAPS will be continuing the weekly meditation group this semester!  The sessions will be held Thursdays at 4pm at The John Main Meditation Center (Remembrance Hall) on Georgetown's main campus.  We will hold the workshop each Thursday at 4pm throughout the semester starting January 19, and each session will run for about 45 minutes.  If there is a week when you will be more than 5 minutes late or need to leave more than 5 minutes early, please opt out for that particular week so as not to disturb the other students who will be quietly meditating.  Thank you for your understanding!

The workshop will be co-lead by CAPS psychologist Matthew Schottland and John Main Center Director Elizabeth Cardone.

Information about The John Main Center's location can be found here:

You do not need to register for the workshop, as it is a drop-in group, meaning that you can attend one or all sessions without signing up beforehand.  Sessions are FREE for ALL Georgetown students!

We understand that the 4pm time on Thursdays isn't ideal for some.  The link below is a resource for other meditation classes that are free and hosted on evenings and weekends in the DC area!

No experience is necessary!  If you would like more information on meditation before coming to the group, please check out this article released by Harvard last year:

Please contact Matthew Schottland, Psy.D. at


About Group Therapy

We offer a variety of confidential support groups each semester in which students receive tremendous understanding, support and encouragement from peers facing similar issues. Students also gain different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints. Most students, while somewhat apprehensive at first, report that the group therapy experience was helpful far beyond their expectations.

All CAPS groups are free of charge. If you are interested in any groups, please contact the CAPS staff member listed in the group description to learn more. For general questions about CAPS group therapy, please contact Michael Tartaglia Psy.D. at or 202-687-7049.

Group therapy provides a powerful venue for growth and change. It has been used effectively by mental health professionals for over 50 years. The intent is to help people who would like to gain support, increase self-awareness and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. It is one of the most effective tools for addressing issues common among college students.

SPRING 2017 Groups

Understanding Self and Others

This insight-oriented group provides a safe environment for exploring yourself and interpersonal style in areas such as trust, intimacy, anger, assertiveness, taking risks, and dealing with authority. This semester-long group is coed and open to both undergraduate and graduate students. This group is free of charge and will be held weekly in Darnall Hall Conference Room. Please contact Michael Tartaglia Psy.D. at or 202-687-7049.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Explorations Group

This is a group designed for Georgetown students who are reassessing their use of alcohol or other substances. There is no requirement of abstinence. The only requirement is a willingness to examine what is happening around one's use of substances. This is a confidential counseling group, not an AA group or a 12-step group. Students are welcome to refer themselves, and faculty and staff may also make referrals. Students may join at any point in the semester. A brief screening and orientation meeting will be needed beforehand to ensure that students are matched appropriately to the group. This group is free of charge and is held  in the CAPS office Wednesdays 12:00-12:50pm. Please contact Phil Meilman, Ph.D. at or call 202-687-6985. 

LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy Group

This is a professionally-run therapy group run by psychologists intended for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and/or intersex students and designed to provide a confidential and safe place for looking in depth at individual concerns about coming out, relationships, family, academic, and community/university concerns unique to LGBTQI students. Objectives of the group include gaining understanding and insight into one's own interpersonal dynamics, improving one's self-esteem and sense of self-worth, sharing and reviewing real life experiences, exploring new ways of interacting, understanding and expanding relational skills, and exploring mental health concerns (e.g., depression and anxiety). This group is free of charge, open to undergraduate and graduate students, and will be held Tuesdays 4-5pm in the Darnall Conference Room, starting January 17.  Interested students should contact Matthew Schottland, Psy.D. at or 202-687-7067 before attending.

Empowerment Group for Students Who Have Experienced Unwanted Sexual Contact

This support group offers a safe and confidential space for members to address their personal journey of healing, reactions of friends and family, relationship and dating concerns, questions of identity, academic concerns, and moving forward overall. This group is free of charge and will be held weekly in the Darnall conference room on Thursdays at 2PM.  As this group is a continuation from last semester, availability is quite limited. The group will be open to a few new members on 1/26/17 and will be closed for the semester after 2/2/17. Please contact Erica Shirley, Ph.D. at 202-687-7080 or to schedule a screening prior to 2/2/17. If you are unable to participate in group, you can discuss alternative options with Dr. Shirley or your current treatment provider at CAPS.  

ADHD Support Group

This group is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who struggle with symptoms of ADHD. Possible conversation topics include struggles with time management, organization, concentration, procrastination, and feeling scattered in academic, professional, and personal settings. The group seeks to establish a safe place to gain support from peers around the implications of ADHD symptoms, the invisibility of the condition, and possible shame and stigma associated with seeking accommodations, taking medication, and disclosing diagnoses to friends, professors, colleagues, and loved ones. The group is not intended to be a skills group, but rather a place for students to share the emotional concerns associated with managing ADHD symptoms. Students may join at any point in the semester. A brief screening and orientation meeting is required beforehand to ensure that students are matched appropriately to the group. This group is free of charge and will be held weekly in Darnall Hall Conference Room. Please contact Lindsay Metcalfe at 202-687-0121 or to schedule a screening.

Support Group for Students Returning From Study Abroad

While studying abroad can bring with it an enormous amount of opportunities for growth and exploration, it can also be an emotionally difficult time of identity confusion, transition, and loneliness. This group will offer the opportunity to reflect with other students returning from abroad about experiences overseas, to share strategies for navigating the transition back to campus life, and experience nostalgia of your time away. This group is free of charge and will be held Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 starting January 18.  Location TBD. Interested students should contact Matthew Schottland, Psy.D. at or 202-687-7067 before attending.