Individual Services

We are offering both in-person and virtual appointments. To reach CAPS, please call 202-687-6985 during regular business hours.

If recommended during Triage, students may engage in individual services with a CAPS clinician. This work is short-term and goal-oriented in nature. Some goals that are commonly addressed in short-term counseling are:

  • Coping effectively with immediate life stressors
  • Gaining new skills to deal with transitions and challenges
  • Navigating barriers to academic success

Individual psychotherapy services are offered to students free of charge.

Students may also be referred from a triage appointment for a Single-Session intervention. These sessions take about 75 minutes and are designed to focus on specific concern(s) and discuss solutions and resources that may help. At the end of the Single Session, you and the therapist will discuss the process for seeking additional or future support, if needed.