Psychiatry Services

Students participating in individual or group psychotherapy at CAPS may be referred for psychiatric services at CAPS.  Psychiatric care is provided in a collaborative treatment model, which means that care is closely coordinated with CAPS-affiliated providers.

A psychiatric evaluation includes a full assessment of current symptoms as well as past medical and psychological problems, personal history, and any relevant treatment history. If a student is prescribed medication, the psychiatric provider will meet with them on an ongoing basis for follow-up care.

The best course of treatment is often a combination of therapy and medication management — medication management is not a substitute for talk therapy.

Please Note: You will not be scheduled for an initial psychiatric evaluation until after you have met with a CAPS clinician.

Psychiatry FAQ

Psychiatric medication evaluation and follow-up sessions are offered to students free of charge.

Your psychiatric provider will help you schedule your psychiatry appointments so that you don’t run out of medication between visits. It is the expectation of the psychiatric team that you will stay on top of any medications that you take and regularly keep appointments in order to continue to receive prescribed medications. If you miss a psychiatry appointment, you should reschedule it immediately to avoid running out of medication. If you do need to call for a prescription refill, you should call your psychiatric provider no later than 3 business days before you run out of your medication.

If you find yourself about to run out of medication, your best option is to contact the physician who originally prescribed your medication to obtain a refill.  Most refills (excluding most ADHD medications) can be called into a local pharmacy by your original physician.

You should not expect to receive a prescription from a CAPS psychiatric provider who has not been involved in your treatment. If you want to start seeing a psychiatrist in the Washington, D.C. area, plan to transfer your care before you run low on your prescription.

If you are unable to receive a refill prescription from your original prescribing physician and you are running out of medication, you may seek help at the following same day clinics at the 35 K Street North Clinic (202-442-4202) and Inova Psychiatric Assessment Center (703-289-7560).

If you have never been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD before, or if you have already been diagnosed but are transferring care from another provider, including needing prescription refills please read the Process to Obtain Prescriptions for ADHD/ADD from either CAPS or SHC for very important information. If you are seeking a prescription refill for a medication to treat ADHD or ADD, you will be asked to sign the GUH Student Health Center and GU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (SHC/CAPS) Psycho-Stimulant Policy and Patient Contract prior to your first prescription.

CAPS does not provide prescriptions for medical marijuana. Due to limited and conflicting research in field, at this time if you are currently using medical marijuana you are not eligible for psychiatric care at CAPS.

Referrals for Psychiatry Providers in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Washington School of Psychiatry
5028 Wisconsin Ave NW #400
Washington DC 20016

Ross Center
5225 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20015
*Also has a Northern Virginia location.

Inova Psychiatric Assessment Center (IPAC)
8221 Willow Oaks
Corporate Drive Suite 4-420 
Fairfax VA 22031