Sexual Assault Peer Educators (SAPE)

Sexual Assault Peer Educators (SAPE) is a student group that aims to create a survivor-centric campus at Georgetown. SAPE students facilitate interactive discussions that promote healthy relationships, define consent, dispel myths relative to interpersonal violence, provide bystander intervention strategies, highlight available resources, and explore how Georgetown can work toward ending interpersonal violence.

SAPE seeks to engage the Georgetown community in addressing and responding to the issue of sexual assault. They aim to empower both survivors and student allies with the tools to seek support and resources on campus as well as process their experience within a larger community. Through peer-facilitated discussion, training, and education, they create a shared responsibility to be active bystanders and challenge rape culture by creating a “survivor-centric” environment. SAPE also aims to create a “culture of consent” — a culture where proactive, enthusiastic, honest, and affirming consent in emotional and physical relationships is celebrated as the norm.

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Georgetown’s School of Medicine also houses a branch of SAPE, dedicated to addressing the same issues of sexual misconduct in the medical school community. For more information, please visit the School of Medicine’s Sexual Assault Peer Educators information page or contact Brit Egan at


SAPE offers workshops for different student groups and organizations on campus. Through these workshops, SAPE teaches students about consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and what it means to build and be a part of a survivor-centric culture. These workshops offer introductory content for campus groups but can also be tailored and customized for a group’s specific needs or culture.

SAPE’s workshops include four standard tiers of programming: Tier 1 – Sexual Assault at Georgetown; Tier 2 – Thriving Relationships; Tier 3 – Active Intervention; Tier 4 – Supporting Survivors. SAPE facilitators can tailor each of these tiers to an organization’s specific needs, dynamics, or experiences.

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