First Year Mandatory Training

Note: All UNDERGRADUATE mandatory courses are now closed. The information below is for historical purposes only. If you have questions or concerns about this mandate, please email us. The GRADUATE course is still open. Visit the graduate student frequently asked question page for answers to common questions. 

Guided by the University’s Jesuit Tradition of Cura Personalis — caring for the whole person — Georgetown is deeply committed to the health, welfare, and ultimate success of all our students. That commitment calls us to offer a wide array of wellness resources for students. Certain topics are so important to your ability to thrive at Georgetown that the University is mandating all new incoming first-year students, including transfer students, to take trainings on alcohol, sexual assault, and bystander intervention. Failure to complete these trainings will result in a “Hold,” which will prevent you from registering for classes in Spring 2023.

Taking the Courses

To take each course, simply click on the respective link below. For the bystander training, you will register up for an in-person session at a time that works best for you. The Sexual Violence Prevention course will be available early September. When the course goes live, you will receive an email from Vector Solutions with a link to complete the course. 

CourseModeComplete EarlyFinal Due DateNotesLink
Binge Thinking!OnlinePassed PassedCourse closedNo longer available
Sexual Violence PreventionOnlinePassedPassedCourse will remain live for reference purposes only
Bringing in the BystanderIn-PersonN/APassedNo more trainings availableNo longer available
Mental Well-Being* (optional)OnlineN/AN/ACourse closedNo longer available

Who is Required to Take the Courses

Georgetown requires all incoming first-year students, including transfer students, to complete all three trainings (two online courses and an in-person bystander training). This includes transfer students who are in their first year at Georgetown even IF they are now a sophomore, junior or senior. If you are new to Georgetown, you are required to take the courses. 

Additionally, if you are a transfer student and have taken similar courses elsewhere, you are still required to complete each course to meet Georgetown’s requirements.

If you have general questions about the courses and/or whether the mandate applies to you, please see our FAQ site.

Tips and Technical Support

• Work at your own pace from any computer or tablet.

• For the best experience with the online courses, make sure you have a strong internet connection and the latest version of your internet browser. If a course freezes or starts moving slowly, log onto WiFi or move to an area with a stronger connection. Also, try using another internet browser or try updating your current browser.

• It is strongly encouraged that you complete each training in one sitting to avoid losing your progress. Some courses MAY save your progress if you close and reopen the course, but this depends on various factors including your computer settings. To be on the safe side and to avoid having to redo course modules, set aside enough time to complete each course in one sitting.

Need more help? Please refer to our FAQs site.