Frequently Asked Questions

Guided by the university’s Jesuit tradition of Cura Personalis — caring for the whole person — Georgetown is deeply committed to the health, well-being, and ultimate success of all our students. Because of this, certain topics are so important to creating a safe and supportive environment at Georgetown that the university has created a series of mandatory courses, including Binge Thinking!, Sexual Violence Prevention, and Bringing in the Bystander, to cover them during your time here at Georgetown. 

Yes. Georgetown University has partnered with Catharsis (Binge Thinking!) and Vector Solutions (Sexual Violence Prevention) to provide these interactive and evidence-based programs. You will receive course updates and reminder emails from these companies, and you may see their names throughout the courses.

All incoming first-year students and incoming transfer students are required to complete the mandatory courses. 

If you received the course invitation and you are a transfer student, it is likely because you recently transferred to Georgetown and this is your first year at the university. The mandate applies to all first-year students, including first-year transfer students, even IF a recently transferred student is now a sophomore, junior or senior. If you are new to Georgetown, you are required to take all three courses. 

Yes. All incoming students, including transfer students, are required to take all three courses, even if the same course or a similar course was taken at a different institution. Each course has been customized to include important content and resources that are specific to Georgetown University – content that is not included in courses you may have taken elsewhere.

You can email a confidential resource in Health Education Services at to connect with support, learn more about the course content, or to ask for an exemption from the course. Note: This confidential email is only for those who have specific questions/requests regarding the sensitive nature of the content. For all other questions, email

Failure to complete the courses by the designated deadlines will result in a “Hold” on your account, preventing you from registering for future classes.

  1. Bringing in the Bystander – 2 hours 
  2. Binge Thinking! – 45 minutes
  3. Sexual Violence Prevention – 60 minutes

It is strongly encouraged that you complete each training in one sitting to avoid losing your progress. Some courses MAY save your progress if you close and reopen the course, but this depends on various factors including your computer settings. To be on the safe side and to avoid having to redo course modules, set aside enough time to complete each course in one sitting.

  1. Bringing in the Bystander –  Only four sessions will be available from Wed., Jan. 17  thru  Sat., Jan. 20. Space is limited. Register early. 
  2. Binge Thinking! – Wed., Jan. 24
  3. Sexual Violence Prevention – Wed., Jan. 24

No. Once you have completed each course, there’s nothing else you need to do. Georgetown will regularly receive information about who has completed the courses.

To take each course, simply click on the respective link below. For the bystander training, you will sign up for an in-person session at a time that works best for you. 

  1. Binge Thinking!
  2. Bringing in the Bystander
  3. Sexual Violence Prevention
  4. Mental Well-Being For Students (Optional, but strongly encouraged)

Please see our Technical Difficulties page for solutions to common problems and to get contact information for our technical support teams. 

If you have extenuating circumstances and need to inquire about rescheduling your session, click the “Contact the Organizer” link found in your original registration confirmation email. It will allow you to send a message about the reason for rescheduling and the program administrator will follow up with you. **Please note that it may be very difficult to reschedule if other sessions are at capacity, so please make sure the date you sign up for works for you.

If you have general questions regarding the courses and/or the mandate, email

For those who have specific questions/requests regarding the sensitive nature of the Sexual Violence Prevention course, email

Please note: All questions should be directed to This confidential email (sarp@georgetown.eduis only for those who have specific questions/requests regarding the sensitive nature of the content.