On-Campus Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Support Resources

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Online Resources: Students can develop their study habits and academic skills through the Academic Resource Center’s online literature and other web resources.

Academic Support Webinars: The Academic Resource Center provides Academic Webinars that highlight different academic themes and allow students to participate in a Q&A session to address any of their academic questions.

Academic Support Individual Tutoring: The Academic Resource Center, as well as several university departments, offers academic tutoring.

Disability Support: The ARC provides accommodations for students with disabilities based on documentation by a medical professional. Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis following review of this documentation and a meeting with an Academic Resource Center administrator.

Cawley Career Education Center

Career Counseling: Explore careers, discuss majors and learn about the graduate school process. Students who are feeling stuck between multiple options or who are unsure of where to start usually benefit from career counseling. Counseling appointments are focused on introspection and creating a plan to move forward.  Career counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors and/or National Certified Counselors.

  • To schedule a career counseling appointment, call (202) 687-3493, or send a chat message through the Career Center website.

Industry Advising: explore opportunities and next steps within a particular industry (such as law, education, journalism, finance, government, and much more).  Students who have questions specific to an industry usually benefit from industry advising.  Industry advisors are experts in their field and/or career development professionals.

  • To schedule an industry advising appointment, visit the front desk, call (202) 687-3493, or send a chat message through the website.

Same-day appointments: Ask quick questions or review documents with a staff member.  Appointments can be scheduled through the website.

Health Education Services (HES)

Individual Consultation: HES provides free, confidential consultations in the following areas: Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Stalking, Alcohol & Drugs, Pregnancy, Sexual Health, Nutrition, and Body Image & Eating Disturbances.

  • To schedule an individual consultation in one of the above areas, call this number: (202) 687 – 8949.
  • If you would like to be linked to a confidential counselor please email sarp@georgetown.edu.
  • If you would prefer to contact a clinician to schedule an appointment directly, view the list of clinician emails and phone numbers.
  • HES accepts walk-ins for urgent problems.

Online Resources: HES provides literature on stress, anxiety, and depression. They have also produced a Self-Care Brochure for on and off-campus self-care resources — the brochure is regularly updated and you can download the latest HES brochure.

On-Campus Events: HES offers health promotion programming throughout the year.

Office of Residential Living

Resident Assistant Support: Student Resident Assistants are a free resource trained to help build community, mediate housing situations/roommate conflicts, address other housing concerns, and support students with any questions or concerns regarding their well-being.

  • Reach out to your community’s RA or call the RA on Duty using the posted phone number between 7pm and 9am.

Community Director Support: Community Directors are professional staff members at the University and oversee the residential communities.  CDs are a free resource trained to support students with any questions or concerns regarding their well-being, help mediate housing situations/roommate conflicts, address other housing concerns, and supervise the Resident Assistants.  There is a Community Director on Duty each night between 5pm and 9am.

Office of Campus Ministry

Chaplains and Jesuits in Residence (CIR/JIR): Students can speak individually with a Chaplain or Jesuit In Residence. CIRs and JIRs support students in everything from finding new friends, making career choices, exploring spirituality, or working through personal struggles. CIR/JIRs are here to support students of any or no faith tradition.

On-Call Chaplain: Students can call or text the Chaplain On­-Call from 5pm­-9am and during weekends at (202) 808-6531. They can speak with the chaplain over the phone or the chaplain can come to them.

Student Health Center

Individual Consultation for Eating Disorders: The Student Health Center provides confidential medical consultations for eating disorders. Cost depends on appointment type and insurance coverage.

  • Schedule an appointment with a provider by calling (202) 687-2200.

ADHD/ADD Prescription Refills: Students diagnosed with ADHD or ADD may collect prescription refills from the Student Health Center.

Wellness Resources

Georgetown Dining

Dietitian Consultation: The Georgetown Dining Dietitian is available to support and guide students in developing healthy eating habits. The Dietitian also works with students to accommodate dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner. 

John Main Meditation Center

Meditation: The John Main Center, located in Anne Marie Becraft Hall, provides a space for private and group meditation open to the Georgetown community.

Yates Field House (Yates)

Nationally Certified Personal Trainers: Yates Field House employs a number of Nationally Certified Personal Trainers who are qualified to conduct fitness assessments, equipment instruction, and individualized personal training sessions based on your unique goals.

  • Schedule an appointment with Meghan Dimsa by email mcd75@georgetown.edu or phone at (240) 447-9341.
  • Find out more about personal training.

Health Coaching: Health Coaching is the newest offering at Yates Field House. If you have ever struggled with reaching personal health goals such as craving control, optimal weight, stress management, or if you are managing behavior-related changes due to a pre-diabetes diagnosis or recent cardiac event, you may want to consider working with a health coach. The Yates Health Coaches hold nationally recognized certificates from Georgetown University and are trained to help you move towards their optimal vision of health in body, mind, and spirit. The coach partners with you to co-design a plan of action and develop tools and the necessary structure to support you on the path towards your goals. Cost varies by package.